Associazione Italiana di Public History – Annual Meeting


29th – 30th May 2022


This conference marks the 4th meeting of the Italian Association of Public History. I have been invited by the president, Prof. Serge Noiret to present approaches of participation in Italian public archaeology, within “Panel 30. Public participation in public history practices”. Here it the layout of the panel:

  • Irene Bolzon (MeVe – Veneto Memorial for World War I), Oral history and participatory museums: witnesses, projects, cultural strategies.
  • Thomas Cauvin (University of Luxemburg), Phygital Participation: Citizen Science to Bridge Digital and Physical Spaces.
  • Serge Noiret (AIPH President), Capturing the memory of catastrophes in invented archives as a practice of digital public history.
  • Francesco Ripanti (University of Pisa), Open excavations, and more. Participatory practices in Italian archeology.


Mestre, M9 Museum, Italy


My paper examined the variety of approaches and the pivotal issues in the current debate on public participation in archaeology from an interdisciplinary perspective, highlighting differences and similarities with public history.