16th October 2021


“Voice-overs: the public participation through the perspective of the stakeholders” presents a preliminary analysis of public participation triggered by the excavations of the Terramara di Pilastri.

By analyzing six semi-structured interviews of selected stakeholders, this chapter (written in Italian) states that such participation revolves around four foundational issues: the dig, the local identity, schools and the future. Presenting such themes through the voices of the actors, and framing them in the broader research scenario of public archaeology – both Italian and international – help outlining a quite vivid image of the public participation in the project, and support its critical evaluation.


Chapter 34 in “I pilastri della Terramara. Alle radici di economia, società e ambiente nel territorio di Bondeno. Volume 2 – Prima e dopo lo scavo”. Padova: Edizioni Antilia.


Evaluation of public participation is still understudied in Italian public participation. This study outlines a broad analysis of Terramara di Pilastri, a 5+ years well-established Bronze Age excavation project.

You can find the chapter in open access at: https://www.terramarapilastri.com/capitolo-34/