In 2007, during my first excavation campaign, I designed, recorded and edited a brief footage in response to a series of nice jokes by a older colleague. The field director enjoyed that video and, since the next campaign, I started to be responsible for the video-documentation of Vignale.

From then on, I started to explore a bunch of video genres to archaeology: docudrama, timelapses, interviews, trailers, documentary, mockumentaries, tutorial… What I like most when producing these videos is the opportunity of melting storytelling, creativity, archaeology and people.

In the years 2011-2014, I posted my musings about videos and archaeology in the blog Archeovideo.

Publications Zanini, E., & Ripanti, F. 2012. Pubblicare uno scavo all’epoca di YouTube: comunicazione archeologica, narratività e video. Archeologia e Calcolatori 23: pp. 7–30. Available at:   Ripanti, F. 2014. Archeologi(a) e video: una questione di storie. In MapPapers 1-IV, pp. 5–10. Available at: YouTube Channels


Uomini e Cose a Vignale: